We will treat you like a person, not a case. We will return your phone calls. We will fight for you, not roll over. We will build the best defense possible.


Felony Charges

If you are facing any serious felony accusation, you need experienced, proven and aggressive legal representation from the moment of your arrest. For those who become aware that they are under investigation for a state or federal offense, it is advised that you refrain from answering any questions until you have legal representation. It can be assumed that questioning is only for the purpose of gaining more evidence against you, and that an arrest will follow shortly. It is crucial that you protect your rights with a skilled lawyer from the moment you become aware that there is an investigation in progress, and you are being targeted.

Weapons Charges

Those who are facing weapon charges such as carrying a concealed weapon, weapons under disability, or improper transportation should act quickly in contacting our legal team, as state law has increased the penalties in weapons crimes and a conviction could land you in jail or state prison.

Criminal Defense in Columbus

It is dangerous to be caught in the criminal justice system, as your future can be forever altered if you are convicted of a serious crime. Even misdemeanor charges, if convicted, can impact your future ability to get quality employment and other repercussions. In any criminal accusation, whether misdemeanor or a serious felony, it is critical that you have legal representation from a Columbus criminal defense lawyer from Koenig & Long, LLC. Our firm has represented clients throughout the area in all types of criminal cases with impressive results. We know how important the outcome of a criminal charge is to you and your family, and immediately take action for the defense of your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Columbus

The firm has an outstanding record throughout the courts in the area. There is only one way to win in criminal cases, and it involves hard work, commitment to the client’s case, and courtroom talent. We take on cases fully determined to fight for a case dismissal, reduced charge or an acquittal. With over 25 years of experience in defending serious criminal charges, our legal team provides clients with high quality, aggressive and proven legal counsel in all types of criminal cases, including but not limited to felony offenses, misdemeanor cases, appeals, assisting with post conviction matters, probation violations, murder, including death penalty cases, as well as felony manslaughter, both voluntary and involuntary, homicide cases, whether reckless, negligent, aggravated, or vehicular.

Drug Charges

If you are facing any type of drug crime accusation, including trafficking, possession, drug abuse cases, whether in state or federal court, we have the experience and aggressive approach you need when facing the court. IN violent crimes such as assault, felony assault, aggravated assault, domestic violence, menacing, we can review your case and advise you of your options to defend the case in court. If facing any accusation involving sex crimes, such as rape, attempted rape, sexual battery, sexual imposition, or importuning, our firm has the experience to defend you in these difficult cases. Those facing charges of voyeurism, or any theft crimes including burglary, aggravated burglary, breaking and entering, criminal trespass, robbery, or aggravated robbery, fraud, or other theft charges, should contact our well-respected legal team at once.

White Collar Charges

In white collar crimes, such as tax evasion, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, or securities violations, it is vital that you have representation with extensive experience in defending these complex cases. For those who want to fight OVI charges or traffic offenses including driving under suspension, our legal team can provide you with the aggressive legal counsel you need to fight for your defense.

Who We Are

We are a knowledgeable team of lawyers fighting for our clients in the court room.
We believe that a criminal defense lawyer is defined by his or her courtroom record.

Jim Owens

James D. Owen

Jim is our head legal mind. We believe Jim’s record of NOT GUILTY verdicts in serious criminal cases compares favorably with any other attorney in the Mid-West.

Todd Long

Todd A. Long

Defense attorney Todd Long has focused his practice in defending clients against serious criminal charges.

Vanessa Frost

Vanessa L. Frost

Vanessa is the client coordinator and head paralegal. She ensures that our clients are regularly advised about the status of their cases.


Charles A. Koenig

Chuck’s practice focuses on the defense of white collar crimes including tax cases (such as tax fraud and wilful failure to file), fraud (including mortgage, securites, health, wire, and mail fraud charges), money laundering, and embezzelment. These cases generally arise from financial and business activities.