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The success of our law firm is not contained in the biographies of our lawyers, but in the lives of our clients. Successful criminal defense attorneys changes lives. Clients get a fresh start and an opportunity for a better future.

Read about THIRTY COURTROOM VICTORIES that changed our clients’ lives.

How to find a criminal defense lawyer who changes lives?

In Columbus there are literally hundreds of lawyers who call themselves criminal defense attorneys. If you ask, they will all tell you they are very good, great, even “the best,” at defending criminal cases.

Unfortunately, some so-called criminal defense attorneys have never even tried a felony jury case, let alone won an acquittal. Those lawyers lack
the tools needed to favorably resolve your case. And they lack the trial skills needed for credibility with the prosecutor and the court.  They are not able to improve their clients’ lives.

The best measure of a criminal defense attorney’s worth is the record of courtroom victories they have achieved to change their clients’ lives.
A proven record lets the prosecutor know you will be ready to try the case. That gives you a stronger edge at negotiating a favorable plea before trial, if that’s the route you choose to take.  And if your case does go to trial, then your criminal lawyer will be better equipped to achieve a NOT GUILTY verdict.

The best criminal defense & DUI lawyers are proud of their record, and will give you a list of important cases they have tried and won. Mediocre lawyers will not. While it is important to remember that prior wins cannot predict future results, an attorney with an established record is nearly always in a better position to favorably resolve the case, whether through plea negotiations or trial.

Some lawyers try to persuade clients with YouTube videos, fancy certificates, plaques, and memberships (we have those too), when they have no real record of courtroom success.

Evidence of our success is in the NOT GUILTY verdicts and court DISMISSALS that have changed our clients’ lives.

Lawyers who have worked at our Columbus law firm have spent their careers fighting for the accused, winning NOT GUILTY verdicts in most kinds of homicide cases: Aggravated Murder, Murder, Manslaughter, and Vehicular Homicide. But those are just a small fraction of our cases. We defend all criminal cases from Domestic Violence to Drunk Driving to Drugs and Narcotics, to White Collar and Business crimes.

The best way to tell the difference between the best and the mediocre is to look at their courtroom success. Do they win? Will they share that record of wins with you?

When your freedom is on the line, choose us to stand up for you.

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How We Can Help You

Our Columbus criminal defense lawyers defend all DUI & criminal cases, including felony offensesmisdemeanor casesappeals, assisting with post conviction matters, probation violationsmurder, including death penalty cases, as well as felony manslaughter, both voluntary and involuntary, homicide cases, whether reckless, negligent, aggravated, or vehicular.

If you are facing any type of drug crime arrest, including trafficking and possession, whether in state or federal court, we have the experience and aggressive approach you need when facing the court. In violent crimes such as assaultaggravated assaultdomestic violence,we can review your case and advise you of your options to defend the case in court. If facing any accusation involving sex crimes, such as rape, attempted rape, sexual battery, our firm has the experience to defend you in these difficult cases. Those any theft crimes including burglaryrobbery or other theft charges, should contact our well-respected lawyers.

Those who are facing weapon charges such as carrying a concealed weapon, weapons under disability, or improper transportation should act quickly in contacting our legal team, as state law has increased the penalties in weapons crimes and a conviction could land you in jail or state prison.

In white collar crimes, such as tax evasion, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, or securities violations, it is vital that you have representation with extensive experience in defending these complex cases. For those who want to fight OVI charges or traffic offenses including driving under suspension, our legal team can provide you with the aggressive legal counsel you need to fight for your defense.

Contact a Columbus Criminal Lawyer from our firm for recognized, proven legal counsel in all types of criminal accusations.



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