STATE OF OHIO v. D.L.: Columbus Domestic Violence charged Dismissed

Our Columbus firm represented a 31-year-old Ohio man who was accused of assaulting his live-in girlfriend.  The Madison Township police took photographs of the injuries.  Our client claimed self-defense, but the former girlfriend insisted on pursuing the case.  Our client had no prior record.

Columbus attorney Todd A. Long filed a Motion to Dismiss based on the time that had elapsed from the date the charges were filed until the date our client was arrested.  As a result of that motion, together with inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s statements, our office was able to obtain a complete dismissal of the case.

If you are facing a Domestic Violence charge in Columbus or central Ohio, please call our office at 614-454-5010 for a free initial consultation.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer will meet with you to help advice how you can present the best possible defense.

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