“Renowned criminal defense lawyer”

-Playboy Magazine

“The hardest-fighting criminal defense lawyers in Ohio. Relentless.”

Bob Ney
Former U.S. Congressman

“He’s very bright, … very focused…. fearless.”

The Columbus Dispatch, quoting
U.S. District Judge George C. Smith

“He’s not afraid to make people angry.”

The Columbus Dispatch, quoting
James McCloskey, Founder of Centurion

“Known as a maverick with connections reaching into high places.”

Kevin Featherly, writing in
Cincinnati Magazine

“Prominent Columbus Attorney”

The Akron Beacon Journal

“He fought … like he was defending his own mother.”

The Columbus Dispatch, quoting
Common Pleas Judge David Cain

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A Proven Record Winning Tough Criminal Cases


What Our Clients Are Saying

Our client testimonials speak for themselves. As criminal defense lawyers we represent clients facing all sorts of criminal matters from domestic violence or drunk driving, to drugs and narcotics, as well as white collar charges. Our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves. Below are just a few examples.

“It was a great feeling the day the Judge dismissed the case against me, and I know that it was your hard work and willingness to fight for me that got that result. You believed in me from the beginning and stood up for me like I was family. I truly believe that without you and your law firm I wouldn’t have gotten the results that I did and that my life wouldn’t be the same. All I can say is thank you.”

— Austin C.

“Since I tested over the legal limit on the breathalyzer, I was afraid there was nothing you could do to help me. However, when I saw the written motions you filed in my case, and saw how thoroughly you cross-examined the police officer on the witness stand… I knew things were looking good. Still when the judge said MOTION GRANTED and CASE DISMISSED, I could not believe it. Thanks again for the excellent work you did to win my case.”

— Walter G.

“Thank God I found you and the other lawyers in your firm. You filed the best motion to suppress and subpoenaed all the witnesses to come and testify at the suppression hearing. When the judge ruled in my favor, threw out all the evidence, and DISMISSED the charges, I never felt so thankful in my life. There’s nobody I’d rather have standing next to me in a court of law than you.”

— Michael H.

“You fought hard to win a complete acquittal in my son’s death penalty murder case. We saw how hard you worked to interview witness, file detailed motions, transcribe tapes, and worked hard to prepare for trial, and you walked out of the courtroom with him as a true winner. NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. The bottom line is that when the stakes are high, there is no better criminal defense lawyer anywhere than you and your firm.”

— Otis H.

“Koenig & Owen, LLC has the hardest fighting team of defense lawyers in Ohio, and I’m glad that I chose your firm.”

— Peter L.

“Thank you for the hard work that you and your partner Todd Long did to win the Not Guilty Verdict in my jury trial. I was charged with Kidnapping and Attempted Rape…I faced a potential 28-year prison sentence. You had the vision, determination and work ethic to thoroughly investigate the case, develop a theory, draft motions and prepare for trial. You were smart and persuasive. Your closing argument was compelling. The result was an acquittal.”

— Abdulghani M.

“When I was arrested on the charges of Burglary and Theft, I was looking at a potential nine year prison sentence. I cannot tell you how lonely I felt locked up in jail with no one to really trust to fight for me. If it was not for your hard work, I am sure I would have been forced to plead guilty or go to trial with an unprepared public defender and lose. When the prosecutor and judge DISMISSED the case, I never felt so thankful in my life. You are living proof that not all attorneys are created equal. You are the best. There’s nobody I’d rather have fighting for me than you.”

— Jose L.

“When I was charged with drunk driving I wanted an attorney who would fight for me to the end, and I found that in you and your law firm. When the judge DISMISSED my case after granting the motion to suppress and you filed and argued against the city prosecutor, I knew that my trust in you was well placed. When I was falsely charged with assault by my ex-girlfriend and I called upon you again. You thoroughly investigated my case and let the prosecutor know at the pretrial hearing that we were willing to fight my case through a jury trial and wouldn’t settle for anything other than a complete dismissal. I couldn’t believe it when we received the call from the prosecutor while we were leaving the courthouse that my case was DISMISSED. I know that without you the results just wouldn’t have been the same.”

— William N.

“You cannot imagine how difficult it was sitting in jail awaiting trial for Murder and other crimes, knowing that if you were convicted that you would be looking at a life sentence with 38 years before you even had a parole board hearing. When the jury issued its verdict of NOT GUILTY, the feeling of relief was beyond belief. I owe you my life. There is nobody else I’d rather have standing next to me in a courtroom. When I left the courthouse with you and my family that day, I thought how lucky I was to have you representing me. Thank you.”

— Jeremy T.