10 Examples of Police Misconduct to Refer to for Your Case 

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Police misconduct is an issue that has been receiving increased attention throughout the country. It seems as if there are new accusations of police misconduct each week. Protestors and advocates for justice throughout the country call for police reform and accountability.  What is Police Misconduct? Police misconduct covers a wide variety of actions by police… Read more

Why Is There No Statute of Limitations for Murder in Ohio?

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For most crimes committed in Ohio or any other state for that matter, there are time limits for how long prosecutors have to press charges. These time limits are often referred to as the statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations are common in both civil and criminal proceedings. For example, an individual might have two… Read more

Can Doxing Someone Can Get You Arrested? 

/ Sex Crimes

You might not be familiar with the term doxing, but you might already be a victim of a doxer. Doxing involves compiling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about a person and disclosing that information publicly. Even though there are no specific federal or state laws that make doxing illegal, doxing can get you arrested for related… Read more

Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Ohio?

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One of the most widespread myths about operating a motor vehicle in the country is that it is illegal to drive barefoot. The reality, however, is that driving barefoot is legal in all 50 states. The caveat, however, is that it is strongly recommended by many states, including Ohio, to wear proper footwear when driving… Read more

Medical Marijuana May Be Cheaper in Michigan, But It’s a Crime to Bring the Drug Across State Lines

/ Drug Crimes

Medical marijuana is legal in Ohio. However, many medical marijuana patients purchase their medical marijuana from Michigan. Why? According to a news report in The Columbus Dispatch, patients can purchase medical marijuana for less in Michigan. According to one patient, medical marijuana costs twice as much in Ohio as it does in Michigan. Another patient… Read more

Arrests Made After Officer Fatally Wounded in Cleveland

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There are updates about a Cleveland police officer shot and killed in the line of duty on September 3, 2020. The officer killed was Det. James Skernivitz. He was 53 years old and a 25 year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office stated that the cause of death was… Read more

Can You Shoot Someone Who Breaks Into Your House?

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The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the people the right to keep and bear arms. However, gun laws make things much more complicated than that. Federal and state laws regulate and govern the right to possess and use firearms. Some of the laws regarding using guns for self-defense in your home have… Read more

Police: Teen Handling Gun Shoots 2-Year-Old Nephew

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Columbus police responded to a shooting on North Monroe Avenue on August 12, 2020, just before 8:00 p.m. A 14-year-old male had been babysitting his two-year-old nephew and 1-year-old niece. A gun went off and killed the two-year-old boy. According to the prosecutor during a court hearing the next morning, the teenager had twirled the… Read more