Drug Crimes

You can shop online for groceries, clothes, electronics, and just about any other product you desire to purchase. You can order these products and have them delivered to your front door. Shopping online has become a convenient and efficient method of buying goods for many Americans. However, there are things that you should not or… Read more

Medical marijuana is legal in Ohio. However, many medical marijuana patients purchase their medical marijuana from Michigan. Why? According to a news report in The Columbus Dispatch, patients can purchase medical marijuana for less in Michigan. According to one patient, medical marijuana costs twice as much in Ohio as it does in Michigan. Another patient… Read more

On February 19, 2014, two major Columbus drug trafficking cases filed against our client in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas (cases 12 CR 3898 and 12 CR 5477) were dismissed on the grounds that the drugs at issue in the case, alleged “controlled substance analogs,” were not illegal to possess or sell under… Read more

Our client, a 51-year-old Columbus man, was indicted on a fourth degree felony charge of possession of cocaine. He was caught red-handed by the Columbus police with a significant amount of cocaine, and $40.00 in marked “buy” money used by an undercover informant earlier that day to purchase cocaine from our client. After filing a… Read more

Today I received a call from a person in Columbus, Ohio.  He had a prior history of felony convictions for several drug possession and trafficking offenses. He is currently charged with a F-5 drug possession case. The question he asked was this: “Does my prior record of felony drug convictions disqualify me from avoiding a… Read more

The collateral consequences of a misdemeanor drug conviction are unforeseen, but additional and substantial legal penalties, that attach to a conviction.  These unforeseen consequences are in addition to the statutory penalties that can include a fine, jail, mandatory driver’s license suspension, conditions of probation, or a combination thereof. The consequences are often hidden during the criminal… Read more