Since the beginning of the year, Columbus has had 62 homicides, compared to 54 homicides for the same period last year. Ten of the homicides were juveniles. So far, seven juveniles have been arrested and charged with murder in 2020. According to Columbus Police Sgt. Joe Albert, there has been an increase in the rate… Read more

Lawmakers in Ohio want to charge women with murder if they have an abortion. Under a newly proposed law, a woman could potentially face up to 15 years in an Ohio state prison for terminating a pregnancy. Doctors who perform abortions could also face charges for murder. The bill marks one of the most aggressive… Read more

In most states, you can face criminal charges for murder if, while committing or attempting to commit a felony, someone dies. This is called felony murder. It doesn’t matter whether the felony was successful or if the death was entirely accidental. The fact that someone died while you were attempting to commit a felony offense… Read more