Ohio Law

Police misconduct is an issue that has been receiving increased attention throughout the country. It seems as if there are new accusations of police misconduct each week. Protestors and advocates for justice throughout the country call for police reform and accountability.  What is Police Misconduct? Police misconduct covers a wide variety of actions by police… Read more

For most crimes committed in Ohio or any other state for that matter, there are time limits for how long prosecutors have to press charges. These time limits are often referred to as the statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations are common in both civil and criminal proceedings. For example, an individual might have two… Read more

One of the most widespread myths about operating a motor vehicle in the country is that it is illegal to drive barefoot. The reality, however, is that driving barefoot is legal in all 50 states. The caveat, however, is that it is strongly recommended by many states, including Ohio, to wear proper footwear when driving… Read more

As with any examination, the difficulty of the Ohio Bar Exam depends on the person taking the test. According to the Ohio Supreme Court, the passage rate for the July 2019 bar exam was 73.1%. First time test-takers performed better, overall, recording an 82 percent pass rate. The exam is uniform, so its difficulty is… Read more

The judicial system is not immune to the effects of COVID-19. The coronavirus shut down court systems in Columbus and throughout the United States. However, the judicial process cannot be stalled forever. People need to have a resolution in their case. Individuals being held in jail awaiting trial cannot wait forever. It is simply not… Read more

Ohioans have been under a Stay At Home order since March 23, 2020. The initial Stay At Home order expired on April 6, 2020. However, a new Stay At Home order in Ohio was issued on April 7, 2020, and continues through May 1, 2020. The chances of martial law being initiated in Ohio are… Read more