STATE OF OHIO v. A. G.: Columbus DUI charges reduced to minor misdemeanor traffic offense

Our client was arrested in a Columbus suburb for two DUI charges (O.V.I. Impaired and O.V.I. Per Se with a High Breath Test). Those charges were resolved today (January 30, 2014), with a plea to a non alcohol related minor misdemeanor traffic charge. Our client was a 26-year-old Columbus store manager in a national retail chain. Our client’s career made it important for the case to be resolved without a DUI or other alcohol related conviction. Unfortunately, our client did poorly on the standard field sobriety tests (SFSTs). In addition, after agreeing to take a breath alcohol test, he blew 0.182 — more than twice Ohio’s legal limit. Attorney Todd A. Long filed a motion to suppress the results of both the field sobriety tests and the breath alcohol test on the grounds that they were the result of an illegal stop.

The suppression hearing was scheduled for today. But the city prosecutor conceded the grounds for the traffic stop were weak, and therefore, in order to avoid a suppression hearing, offered our client a plea to the non-alcohol related minor misdemeanor traffic offense. Our client was ecstatic with the result. He was represented by one of our Columbus firm’s best criminal defense lawyers.

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