STATE OF OHIO v. E.P.: All charges DISMISSED for Columbus Man in 11-Count Felony Indictment

Felony Indictment Dismissed

Our client, a 21-year old Columbus man, was indicted in Delaware County, Ohio in an 11-count indictment charging him with 11 felony counts of Receiving Stolen Property.

Columbus attorney Todd A. Long filed a pretrial motion to dismiss, and after initially losing, prevailed in a lengthy motion to reconsider. The Delaware County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas then DISMISSED ALL CRIMINAL CHARGES filed against our client. Having won the case, our client now has no criminal charges pending.

Our client not only won a COMPLETE DISMISSAL of all criminal charges, but he is also now eligible to have the record of his arrest and criminal case proceedings sealed and expunged from his record.

If you are charged In Columbus or central Ohio with Receiving Stolen Property, or any other felony crime, please call one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers for a free initial consultation.

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