State of Ohio v. Shepard: Mistrial Declared as Columbus jury fails to convict in firearms case

Firearms Case A Mistrial

A mistrial was declared when a Columbus jury failed to convict our client in a felony firearms case.  The Franklin County (Columbus), Ohio grand jury indicted Mr. Shepard for Carrying a Concealed Weapon.  A jury trial concluded with a mistrial due to a deadlocked jury.  As a result of the mistrial, our client, a 41-year-old Columbus businessman, was able to avoid a felony conviction.

The deadlocked jury helped our client, a 41-year-old Columbus man, to avoid a felony conviction.

Since weapons charges can be filed at both the state and federal level, it is important to act immediately to begin an investigation into your charges and prepare a compelling defense.  The penalties for a conviction can be severe, leaving you with a criminal record and long term effects on your future.  Let our dedicated legal team work for you in seeking to exonerate you of all charges.

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