State of Ohio v Z.A.: Columbus Theft Case Dismissed

Theft Case Dismissed

Our client, a 21-year-old Hilliard professional man was charged by Columbus police with Theft, a first degree misdemeanor.   A Koenig & Owen Attorney was able to get the theft case completely dismissed.  And our client is now eligible to apply to have all records relating to the arrest and charge sealed and expunged from his record.

Koenig & Owen Focuses on Dismissing Charges And Winning Cases

This dismissal is consistent with our philosophy about representing all our clients.  Our attorney says, “while most criminal defense attorneys work only to reduce penalties, we focus on dismissing charges and winning cases. That is what distinguishes our Columbus  criminal defense law firm from the others.”

If you are charged with Theft, or with any other misdemeanor or felony crime in Columbus or central Ohio, call us at 454-5010 for a Free initial consultation.

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