Columbus Aggravated Robbery Attorneys

When a person is accused of aggravated robbery, it is because they used a weapon or made their victim believe they had a weapon while they committed the theft crime of robbery. Penalties for aggravated robbery will be elevated to a felony offense and are generally punishable by incarceration, fines, probation and a severe impact on your criminal record, which can result in making it very difficult to take advantage of opportunities like job offers or housing options in the future.

Aggravated Robbery is a Felony Offense

If you or someone you care about has been arrested for aggravated robbery, you will need a competent Columbus criminal defense lawyer to inform you of your options and protect your rights. These are serious charges and you are going to need a lawyer with extensive experience in and out of the courtroom.

This is not the time to leave your defense up to an inexperienced legal representative. Your future freedom and livelihood will entirely depend on the outcome of your case.

We Protect the Rights of the Accused

At Koenig & Owen, LLC, we have spent the last 25 years protecting clients that were being accused of various criminal charges. We believe that a criminal defense attorney is only as good as his or her record of winning for their clients.

We have built a solid reputation of being relentless in and out of the courtroom and our firm’s adversaries know that we will not back down and we are not afraid to go to trial, which can often result in settling outside of court, if it is our client’s best interest.

Our firm has a proven ability to win “not guilty” verdicts for our clients. If you are in need of aggressive, smart and creative representation for aggravated robbery charges, or any other serious criminal legal matter, we are prepared to fight for you.

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