Domestic Violence Charges

The crimes of Domestic Violence, Menacing, and Assault are all related offenses under Ohio law.  Assault involves the infliction of physical harm.  Menacing generally involves a threat of physical harm.  Domestic Violence involves either the infliction of physical harm, or the threat of physical harm to a family or household member.  Generally, if an accused person is charged with Domestic Violence in Columbus, Ohio, then the police will also file a companion charge of either Assault or Menacing against the person accused.

Domestic Violence Cases

Those accused of Assault, Menacing, or Domestic Violence need to know that the defense of Self-Defense is available in Ohio to defend against any or all of these charges.  We have been extremely successful using Self-Defense to gain DISMISSALS and NOT GUILTY verdicts for our clients in Assault, Menacing, and Domestic Violence cases in Columbus and across Ohio.

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Our Columbus criminal defense lawyers have a proven record of success defending the accused against all types of Assault, Menacing, and Domestic Violence charges in Columbus and throughout Ohio.


In Ohio, a Domestic Violence charge means an accused person is alleged to have victimized a family or household member by (1) knowingly causing or attempting to cause them physical harm, or (2) threatening the use of force to cause them immediate physical harm. The crime of Domestic Violence is more specifically defined in Section 2919.25 of the Ohio Revised Code, and can be classified as a first degree misdemeanor, or felony of the fourth or fifth degree. It can also carry mandatory prison time.

The penalties for first degree misdemeanor and fifth and fourth degree felonies are outlined in the section immediately above.

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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Columbus

The attorney you choose to defend you from domestic violence charges could make all of the difference in your case.  Columbus courts take domestic violence charges extremely seriously and will try to prosecute you to the fullest extent.  The penalties for a domestic violence conviction may include:

  • Prison
  • Fines
  • Restraining orders
  • Community service

Speak with an attorney at your earliest convenience and it will greatly improve your chances of getting your charges lessened or even dropped.  It is not enough to be innocent; you must have a seasoned attorney by your side.

At Koenig & Owen, LLC, we believe that a lawyer should be defined by his or her record and how well they have been able to serve their clients.  We have represented in and won many high-profile cases and continue to have an extremely successful track record.  Please call our firm today so that your case can be reviewed.

Contact a Columbus Domestic Violence Lawyer from the firm immediately if you have been accused of domestic violence.