Columbus DUI and OVI Lawyers

If you have been arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense, it is a frightening and upsetting situation. What you do immediately after the arrest will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case in court. It is advised that you immediately contact a Columbus DUI Attorney from Koenig & Owen to discuss your case.

In fact, if you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, contacting a Columbus DUI lawyer before any testing takes place is the best possible move legally. Most individuals are so rattled by the police stop that they do not think about their rights or the ramifications that could result from an arrest until they are already charged with a criminal DUI offense.

Talented Columbus DUI Defense

Our firm has very talented DUI defense lawyers with extensive experience and a proven record in court that you need when you are facing a DUI/OVI offense. We are aggressive defenders, with a impressive record in defending all types of DUI offense in the Columbus area, including but not limited to DUI,  alcohol test refusal, charges after a prior drunk driving conviction, legal concerns regarding license suspension, cases of underage drunk driving and drunk driving with injury, and a scope of knowledge regarding Ohio laws & procedures, and Ohio criminal & traffic statutes that serves our clients well when accused of any type of DUI/OVI charge.

Never Proceed Without an Attorney

We can advise you about the most common client mistakes, and have provided you with a drunk driving defense guide, and information regarding drunk driving penalties, illegal stops, cases of an illegal arrest, field sobriety tests, and alcohol testing. We know our business; we are here to defend our clients, no matter how hopeless you may consider your case to be. There are large numbers of cases where another attorney may have advised pleading guilty that we find upon review of the evidence has powerful defense possibilities that we could exploit. We are often called upon to assist other attorneys who are less familiar with the science and legal aspects of DUI cases, and we invite you to contact us directly for a high quality, committed and experienced DUI attorney.

We have defended clients in many courts throughout the area, and if you are seeking any Ohio court information, we have provided you with the details you need regarding your court.  Those who are accused of drunk boating are in the same type of legal trouble as those who are accused of operating a car, truck or other vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your Columbus criminal defense lawyer can assist in all types of cases and is prepared to review all the evidence against you to seek out errors, flaws and other defense opportunities to bring to court on your behalf.

You will be facing very serious penalties if you are convicted, and taking immediate action can make the difference between walking free and facing jail or prison time, expensive fines, community service, court ordered treatment programs and other costs, including increased insurance rates once your license is returned to you after suspension or revocation. Each DUI attorney on our team is prepared to aggressively defend our clients and can evaluate your case and advise you as to your best course of action.

Contact a Columbus DUI Defense Lawyer from with Koenig & Owen at once if you are facing any DUI/OVI charge and are seeking an aggressive defense lawyer to fight for you.