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There are serious problems in all OVI cases with regard to the ability to maintain your license. The license suspension will occur quickly, and it is critical that you act quickly and contact the best Columbus DUI lawyers to review your case and determine how to best move forward with your defense.

There are frequently defense actions that can be taken that will help you avoid license suspension, but it is imperative that we hear from you as soon after your arrest as possible.

ALS: Administrative License Suspension in Columbus

An Administrative License Suspension (ALS) is a pretrial suspension imposed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in almost all OVI cases.  An ALS will be imposed if you either:

1) refused to submit to a chemical test upon being arrested for OVI; or,
2) submitted to a chemical test and tested over the legal limit.

Just because an ALS is imposed does not mean that you cannot successfully defend against the suspension.  The following are issues that can successfully defeat the ALS:

1) the officer did not have “reasonable grounds” to believe that you were operating a vehicle under the influence;
2) the officer failed to ask you to submit to a chemical test;
3) the officer failed to inform you of the consequences of refusing to submit to a chemical test;
4) you did not refuse to submit to the chemical test and the officer takes your license anyway; or 5) the chemical test result did not show that you had a blood alcohol concentration in excess of the legal limit.

The ALS is an administrative proceeding that is usually parallels the course of the OVI case.  You have thirty (30) days to appeal the ALS after the initial appearance.  In some cases, a “stay” of the ALS can be requested so that full driving privileges remain in effect until disposition of the case.  In other cases, limited driving privileges can be obtained while the appeal is pending.

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