Fight DUI Charges with Subpoena of Breath-Alyzer Machine Test Data

An Ohio Supreme Court decision now makes it much easier to defend against drunk driving (DUI and OVI) cases in Columbus, Ohio. In Cincinnati v. Ilg, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that every person accused of a drunk driving offense involving a breath-analyzer machine may obtain all computerized breath test data from prior results generated… Read More

Can the Police Search Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant?

Our law firm has defended many a drug case where the police stop a client, find some marijuana, cocaine, or large amount of money, seize a cell phone, and inspect its contents without a warrant. A criminal drug investigation is then started, and our client is later arrested, based in major part on leads uncovered… Read More

State of Ohio v Z.A.: Columbus Theft Case Dismissed

Theft Case Dismissed Our client, a 21-year-old Hilliard professional man was charged by Columbus police with Theft, a first degree misdemeanor.   A Koenig & Owen Attorney was able to get the theft case completely dismissed.  And our client is now eligible to apply to have all records relating to the arrest and charge sealed and… Read More

What About the Motion for Discovery in my Columbus Criminal Case?

Pretrial Discovery in a criminal case is a process, not a document or package of documents.  Many lawyers fail to explain this to their clients. As a result, clients charged with felony crimes frequently ask us this question:  “Where is my Motion for Discovery?” The expectation is that the prosecutor has given us all the… Read More

STATE OF OHIO v. L.B.: All Charges Dismissed in Columbus Assault, Resisting Arrest, and Drug Paraphernalia Case

All Charges Dismissed A successful young Columbus businessman recently charged with Assault, Resisting Arrest, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia received a complete dismissal of all charges yesterday, Monday, December 8, 2014. The story about how the dismissal occurred is interesting because (1) it was critically important for the man’s business career, and (2) it shows… Read More

STATE OF OHIO v. R.H.: Conviction Avoided in Columbus Marijuana Case

Conviction of Possession of Marijuana Avoided Our Columbus law firm represented a 31-year old Upper Arlington man who was charged by Columbus police with possession of marijuana. Less than 30 days after arrest, we were able to avoid a conviction of any type by resolving the case with a bond forfeiture.  Our client avoided a… Read More

STATE OF OHIO v. R.G.: Columbus Assault Case Dismissed

Columbus Assault Case Dismissed Our Columbus law firm represented a 33-year old Columbus man who was charged with misdemeanor assault and other criminal charges, all of which were dismissed on the day of trial. Prior to trial, our client, a well-educated young man, was offered a “plea deal,” that would have adversely affected his future… Read More

Arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs?

Columbus drivers can learn from Kerry Kennedy’s recent DUI case (where she claimed to be “accidentally” under the influence of prescription drugs), including her arrest, defense, jury trial, and ultimate acquittal. Prescription Drug OVI Lawyer I’ve previously written for Columbus drivers about the difference in Ohio DUI/OVI law between “drugged driving,” meaning having a prohibited… Read More