Columbus Juvenile Crimes Attorney

When a young person is charged with a crime, whether a felony or misdemeanor, they will be facing a judge in juvenile court. This is an advantage for the young person, as the juvenile court system is recognized as being more lenient and tends more towards rehabilitation rather than punishment.

In many serious felony offenses, such as violent crimes, the prosecutor will immediately begin action to move the case to adult court. Our first order of business will likely be to fight vigorously to avoid this change of courts, as the punishments will be meted out as if the individual was an adult, including prison, fines and other penalties.

OVI, Shoplifting, Drug Crimes and Other Juvenile Offenses

Young people make mistakes; this is unfortunately part of the process of growing up. When associating with the wrong people or an error in judgment leads to criminal charges, every effort must be made to assist the young person to avoid the serious damage to their future that a conviction will hold.

Lawyers at Koenig & Owen, LLC have extensive experience in both the adult and juvenile criminal justice system and knows how to navigate on behalf of young clients.

The danger to the future of a young person can be very serious, including affecting where they could attend various educational institutions, the ability to seek certain professional licenses in the future, the ability to drive legally and others.

When the case involves a serious felony such as murdermanslaughterrobberyweapons charges or other criminal accusation, it is vital that you protect your child from the severe repercussions through retaining a proven criminal defense lawyer from our firm. When you are looking for high quality, seasoned legal representation, we have over 25 years of experience and an impressive record of success.

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