Manslaughter Defense

Finding yourself in trouble with the law can be among the most difficult experiences in your life. When your alleged offense is among the most grievous of criminal charges – manslaughter – you will now more than ever need the caring assistance of an experienced Columbus criminal lawyer who can protect your best interests.  Every person, no matter the crime that they are accused of, deserves a strong legal defense and the full protection of their constitutional rights.

Defending Against Serious Criminal Allegations

Manslaughter is a very serious offense that surrounds the loss of human life.  Although one is not considered as culpable in the death of another as they would be in the case of murder, you can still face immense consequences if convicted.  In the case of manslaughter, an intent to kill – known as malice or malice aforethought – is many times absent.  It can be charged in two different ways:

  • Involuntary manslaughter:  an unlawful killing of another without malice aforethought
  • Voluntary manslaughter:  an unlawful killing of another when the intent was only to cause serious bodily harm or when mitigating circumstances exist which reduce culpability

In the state of Ohio, involuntary manslaughter is charged as a third degree felony when it occurs while committing a misdemeanor crime and can lead to five years in prison.  If the death happens while you are committing a felony, then it is charged as a first degree felony and is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Voluntary manslaughter is always charged as a first degree felony and usually surrounds a killing which occurs in a fit of rage or passion brought on by a serious provocation.  A death that occurs as the result of an OVI (DUI) will bring with it a mandatory prison term and suspension of your driver’s license for life.

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