Columbus Loitering Defense Attorney

Loitering Charges

Loitering in Ohio involves a person intending to seek sexual activity from another, for hire, while in public. According to the Ohio Revised Code Section 2907.241, loitering is illegal so long as the offender does any of the following:

  1. Stopping or attempting to stop another person
  2. Engaging in conversation with another
  3. Stopping or attempting to stop the driver of a vehicle, or approaching a vehicle
  4. While acting as the driver or passenger of a vehicle, enticing or attempting to entice another to approach the vehicle
  5. Interrupting another’s free passage

If you have recently been arrested for loitering, you need the immediate assistance of a skilled Columbus criminal defense team. A full review of your case should be done immediately in order to ascertain the appropriate facts and evidence needed for your defense.

Loitering Defense Lawyer in Columbus

Loitering is a usual sex crime and, depending on the evidence gathered against you, there are many defense tools available. This fact highlights the importance of speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. Early intervention could mean a dramatic difference in your case.  In some cases, the evidence gathered was done so illegally and is, therefore, not allowed in court.  This leaves the prosecution without evidence by which to prosecute, and the defendant with an excellent chance to obtain a not guilty verdict.

Contact our Columbus sex crime lawyers today to defend yourself from these serious charges.