Public Indecency

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About Public Indecency Charges in Columbus

Public indecency is a criminal offense throughout the state of Ohio. It is a misdemeanor of varying degrees, depending on the number of related convictions. Ohio law, specifically the Ohio Revised Code Section 2907.09, defines public indecency in three contexts, each requiring sexual exposure or sexual displays in public.

  1. Exposure of one’s private parts,
  2. Engaging in sexual conduct or masturbation
  3. Engaging in conduct that an ordinary observer would recognize as masturbation, or simply sexual

Another part of this offense deals with the observer. Namely, it is also illegal to engage in sexual exposure or display when the observer is a minor. In any case, however, recklessness must define the offender’s mental state. Proving culpability relies on demonstrating the offender’s awareness of the risk that others will observe. Measures taken to enhance privacy, therefore, may be enough to absolve the offender of culpability.

Public Indecency Defense Lawyer in Columbus

Public indecency is a recurring sex crime and, depending on the evidence gathered against you, there are many defense tools available. This fact highlights the importance of speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. Early intervention could mean a dramatic difference in your case.  In some cases, the evidence gathered was done so illegally and is, therefore, not allowed in court.  This leaves the prosecution without evidence by which to prosecute, and the defendant with an excellent chance to obtain a not guilty verdict.


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