Todd A. Long

2014.12.05 TAL photoSince December 2007, Attorney Todd Long has focused his practice in defending clients against serious criminal charges. Despite his youthful appearance and quiet demeanor outside the courtroom, Todd is a talented trial lawyer with an impressive courtroom record, including his work on these cases:

State of Ohio v. Bates
Bates was charged with Felony Domestic Violence. During his investigation, Todd interviewed the alleged victim and an independent eyewitness, thereby discovering that the allegation against his client were unsupported by the evidence and decided to take the case to trial. Despite the fact that his client had several prior convictions for domestic violence, and that most jurors hold to the mentality that if he did it once, he probably did it again, Todd took the case to trial.

At trial, Todd was able to convince the jury to set aside their preconceived notions about his client, to consider only the facts at presented at trial, and that those facts lead to one conclusion – not guilty.

State of Ohio v. Turner
Turner was charged with Murder and other homicide charges. Turner was alleged to have shot and killed another during a drug deal gone bad. Todd served as co-counsel and tried this case with his partner, James D. Owen. At trial, the evidence showed that Turner was in fact the victim of an aggravated robbery and had acted in self-defense. The jury returned not guilty verdicts on the Murder and other homicide charges, and Turner was released from jail that day.

State of Ohio v. Mirreh
Mirreh was charged with Kidnapping and Attempted Rape. During his investigation, Todd discovered an independent eyewitness that refuted the allegations by the alleged victim against Mirreh. Despite being subpoenaed to testify at trial, the witness failed to appear. Todd was able to track the witness to his new residence in Brooklyn, New York, and secure his return to Columbus to testify. Todd served as co-counsel and tried this case with his partner, James D. Owen. The jury returned not guilty verdicts on both counts against Mirreh.

State of Ohio v. Lopez
Lopez was charged with Burglary. After thoroughly investigating the case, Todd found that his client had an irrefutable alibi through numerous witnesses who were with his client at a birthday party in another area of Columbus when the burglary occurred. After Todd provided a notice of alibi and list of alibi witnesses to the state, and prepared the case for trial, the prosecutor dismissed the case on the eve of trial.

State of Ohio v. Harris
Harris was indicted on Aggravated Robbery with gun specification charges. Todd was able to discredit the alleged victim through cell phone records that showed the alleged victim was involved in an attempt to extort money from Harris’ family. This lead to the complete dismissal of all charges against Harris.

State of Ohio v. Montgomery
Montgomery was charged with Murder, Weapon under Disability, and Having a Weapon in a Liquor Establishment, after a shooting in a Columbus bar. The shooting was captured on the bar’s surveillance system. After the video was enhanced, it was clear that Montgomery had acted in self-defense when the alleged victim approached Montgomery and a friend with a gun in hand. The Murder charges against Montgomery were dismissed, and a favorable plea bargain was reached regarding the remaining weapons charges.

In addition to representing clients charged with serious felony offenses, Todd runs the firm’s drunk driving practice. He has the received the same training in the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests as officers across the county. Todd has used that training and experience in the courtroom to obtain out-right dismissals of drunk driving charges, and in some cases highly favorable plea bargains.

Todd received his undergraduate education at The Ohio State University, and his law degree from Capital University Law School. He is admitted to all courts in Ohio; to the United States District Courts for the Southern and Northern District of Ohio; and to the Sixth District United States Court of Appeals.

Capital University Law School, Columbus, OH
Juris Doctor May 2007
Cum Laude, Order of the Curia
Recipient of Trustees’ Merit Scholarship,
Member of the Dean’s List
CALI Award for Excellence Advanced Criminal Procedure

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science June, 2004
Minor in International Studies

Admitted to Ohio Bar

Federal Bar for the Southern and Northern Districts of Ohio

Member, Koenig & Long, LLC, Columbus, Ohio
Todd focuses on criminal and drunk driving defense

Franklin County Public Defender, Columbus, OH
February, 2006 – August, 2007
Head Law Clerk-Municipal Division